............ Lost in the 50s........ Dowopps rule.......Rock n Roll will never die.....And Cars Were Cool !!.








Welcome to the world of Mrdowopps



Mr & Mrs Dowopp in the 50s when they got together.





Welcome to the world of mrdowopps. I started this site just for fun for my dad . Now that he fell in love with the site I had to take it to the next level.  Beause of  his love for the dowopp era I came up with this web site to fit his world. He still listens to the music as if he never left that era. As we grew up in the 60s and 70s he played his music all the time. We all joke about it today and say we were brain washed as kids to listen to the Dowopp music. But we learned about the birth of Rock-n-Roll and the history of the Dowopp era. His collection is huge today with 78s & 45s & 33s records that fill the spare room. Even today he still plays and records the dowopp music that fills his room. We had a great life growing up and listen to all the 40s & 50s music that he played .We also got to see some of the bands while they were still alive and performing on long island . My dad would always play the songs that had our name in them on are birthdays. Every weekend was Dowopps at the dinner table. You can listen to one of Mrdowopps favorite doo-wop band's here with Earl Lewis & The Channels just click the player.




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